Distress device

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

In desert trips there are possibility of dangers of car breakdown, insertion into sand or wandering, and loss in the desert, and the dangers will be exacerbated in the absence of coverage for communication networks, and based on a decision by the Council of Ministers, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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What is a PLB?

  • The PLB sends a signal to the satellites indicating the coordinates and identity of the device’s holder and receives the signal at the competent search and rescue authorities at the Ministry of Interior to direct the appropriate teams to rescue the rescue seeker.

  • The PLB has a battery life that lasts (7) years, is weatherproof, with float above water, shockproof, withstands temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius, and a weight of no more than (250 grams).

  • The PLB sends the signal to the satellites with a power (5 watts), which is much higher than the energy used by mobile devices or satellite communications such as (Thuraya), which increases the possibility of receiving the distress signal for satellites, and this high energy cannot be used in satellite communication devices because it affects the health A person if used continuously and for long periods of time with a phone call, for example, unlike the distress signal, which is not sent except in very rare cases and for necessity.

  • The use of the PLB does not entail periodic fees (bills) as the expenses are limited to the cost of the device and the subscription fee (50 riyals) annually paid to the Communications Authority.


The Costs for the Distress device are limited to the cost of the device and the subscription fee (50 riyals) paid to the Communications Authority.


PLB Technical Specifications

In desert trips it’s a common risk to have a car breakdown, getting stuck in sand, or getting lost in the desert. These situations will pose a much greater risk in the absence of cellular network coverage.


Why It is the importance of owning a PLB?

Carrying the PLB on your land and sea trips from doing the reasons that contribute, with the will of God, to saving your life and your companions when going to remote places where you may be exposed to the dangers of crashing the car, being stuck in sand, running out of fuel, being held in torrential water or wandering, and not recognizing the right direction. The PLB is important in emergency situations in cruises and helps rescue teams to determine the coordinates of your location minutes after sending the distress signal, which facilitates its rapid arrival.

When do I use the PLB?

The aid apparatus is used only in life-threatening emergencies, such as people whose movement nature requires them to go to areas not covered by the communication network, whether in the desert or by sea voyages.


How do I get the PLB?

In order to obtain a PLB, the Communications and Information Technology Commission requires that the customer’s request be submitted through the licensed shops in its commercial registry. Selling wireless devices, and purchasing an alarm device designated for individuals, in accordance with the approved specifications of satellite search and rescue devices, in addition to filling in the designated form for this and signing and stamping it. By the vendor and the service seeker.

Mtwsm Trading Corporation is authorized by the Communications and Information Technology Commission to supply, sell, program and register a PLB that complies with the authority’s specifications.
Mtwsm is an authorized distributor in the Kingdom for the distress equipment produced by the Australian company GME,Mtwsm also distributes products to other companies such as ACR and Mcmurdo Company for emergency devices for personal (PLB) as well as devices for boats(EPIRB), and aircraft(ELT).

To get PLB, fill the Registration form and transfer the payment to Mtwsm Trading Establishment account at Al-Rajhi Bank IBAN SA6780000446608010183061))

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The Council of Ministers in Saudi Arabia issued a decree to launch a satellite-based search and rescue service. The rescue mission starts as soon as the rescue device sends an alert along with the coordinates of the device’s location.

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